awhām issue #5 - The Haunted Issue

awhām issue #5 - The Haunted Issue

In awhām issue #5 ‘The Haunted Issue’, we reflected
on the struggles of the day woven into the reanimated
stories from yesterday in the infinity of the multiverse
– an endless variety of worlds and the spaces between
them. Destruction and recreation, an active remaking
of worlds, rediscovering ones that were lost and forgetting
those mapped into our consciousness.

What role do ghosts of the past play in deciphering
and encoding observations of what surrounds us?
Where do these ghosts clamber? How can we rethink
our understanding of the world through the occult
practices and reflect on our relationships which travel
through bits of code, moving and transmitting within
open waters, and concealed within undersea cables?

Our contributors shared their practices of building
shelters and strategies for nourishing gardens and
sought ways to articulate the creative power of
world-building. We invite you to discover the created
temporal and spatial portals and pathways between
what was, what is, and what could be.